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Recipes: Amla Adai

Recipes: Amla Adai

Dosha benefits: Pitta 


  • Rice flour 1 cup
  • Amla juice 1 cup
  • Sesame seeds ½ tsp
  • Plantain leaves few
  • Asafetida a pinch
  • Salt to taste


  • Wash the amla fruits and wipe it dry. Cut the fruits into small pieces and crush to form a fine paste. Squeeze out the juice of the paste.
  • Place a deep pan over medium flame. Add the rice flour, sesame seeds, asafetida, and salt to it and mix well for two minutes.
  • Now add the amla juice and keep stirring. Cook the paste until soft, dough-like consistency is formed.  Take out the vessel from the flame.
  • Now take a small amount of the mixture prepared and place it over the small pieces (approximately 5-inch in diameter) of plantain leaf.
  • Pat it lightly to spread evenly in round shape of approximately 4-inch diameter.
  • Steam cook for ten minutes over medium flame with the plantain leaves.

Ayurveda Tip:

  • Amla is light to digest, good for the eyes and beneficial for people with diabetes

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