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Dr. Vivek Shanbhag

Ayurveda Practitioners
Founder & Medical Director at Natural Medicine and Ayurveda Clinic, Academy & Wellness Spa
San Jose, California, 95128

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About Dr. Vivek Shanbhag

Dr. Vivek Shanbhag, ND, MD (Ayurveda), BAMS, CYEd. Licensed Naturopathic Doctor, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Professor & Author for over 30 years.

Founder & Director of YogaAyurveda.org -Natural Medicine Clinic, Academy & Wellness Spa with 2 Clinics in San Jose and Los Gatos in Bay Area of  California. Dr. Shanbhag specializes in integrating Ayurveda, Naturopathic Medicine & Yoga to treat acute and chronic diseases. For individuals and families, Dr. Shanbhag plays the role of a wellness coach. He guides them in the process of healing themselves to achieve optimal body-mind-wellness through daily & seasonal wellness routines, appropriate exercise, yoga, individualized nutrition, healing herbs & vitamins, gentle detox-cleanse (Panch Karma), pranayama, meditation, stress management, anti-aging & rejuvenation therapies.

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Natural Medicine and Ayurveda Clinic, Academy & Wellness Spa
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344 S Monroe St
San Jose, California, 95128
United States
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  • Overall Rating

I visited Dr. Shanbag, a few months back for hormonal issues and for concentration issues, and anxiety which usually we come across at some point in our lives. I took his medication, and last week took the one-week detox program. Today, I am happy to say that I have lost a few pounds, my mind is free and relaxed, and it feels like a natural therapy. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking to solve physical or mental issues with natural approaches!

Submitted by Yamini on Monday Jul, 18, 2022

Samantha Pai

  • Overall Rating

I've only been seeing Dr. Shanbhag and Dr. Amrit for a month, and already seeing tons of improvement. My chest eczema has cleared up, my chronic eye pain has significantly lowered, and I went from being unable to put weight on my leg due to an IT band issue to being able to do mild walks with a much lower level of pain. Both practitioners are super helpful at identifying my body type and issues, and prescribing lifestyle changes, a customized diet plan, and herbal remedies that combined are reducing the inflammation in my body.

Submitted by Samantha Pai on Tuesday Aug, 30, 2022

minal bhadle

  • Overall Rating

My son had eczema since he was 4 months old. We tried steroids and it went away but came back after 2 years. This time steroids did not help and eczema was coming back and spreading more. At that time I decided to see Dr. Shanbhag. We followed the recommended herbal and diet treatment plan, we saw improvements and now my son's eczema is gone. If you have tried everything and are out of options, I highly recommend to come see Dr. Shanbhag to learn about Ayurveda, the Science of Life.

Submitted by Minal Bhadle on Friday Jul, 22, 2022

James Pyle

  • Overall Rating

I have been seeing Dr. Shanbhag for over a year now, his advice and his Ayurvedic pulse & tongue diagnosis have been extremely helpful in helping me to find health & well-being. I am extremely grateful that I went and started seeing Dr. Shanbhag, he is a great doctor of Ayurveda and is well worth what he charges his clients.

Submitted by James Pyle on Thursday Jan, 05, 2023

Ramya Vijayakumar

  • Overall Rating

I am so grateful for Dr. Shanbhag's help on changing my lifestyle to stay healthy. I had couple of Ayurveda consultations with Dr. Shanbhag for evaluating my Kapha balance and adjusting diet & adding some herbal supplements based on my existing health conditions. He also recommended Panchakarma cleanse for removing unwanted toxic from the body. It really helped me losing weight and helped keeping my Kapha levels in balance. I had consultations online and in-person and both were great during COVID situation. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Shanbhag and Natural Medicine & Ayurveda specialists, staff and Thank you so much for their amazing service, kindness and care!. Thanks again!

Submitted by Ramya Vijayakumar on Wednesday May, 04, 2022