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My name is Janet Gomez (ASCA member V214962).
Let me tell you how I came to help people who suffer from digestive issues resolve them naturally with techniques from cooking, ayurveda and yoga.
When I first discovered Ayurveda back in 2002, I had extra dry skin, problems sleeping and chronic constipation. Once I was in such pain that I had to take the afternoon off sick. This was a big deal since I rarely took sick leave.

I tried massage, drinking more fluids, improving my diet to eat a variety of foods and only freshly prepared food, adding more good oils, taking supplements and doing more exercise. The different strategies helped a little but not dramatically.
One day when I was attending an Ayurvedic cooking class the teacher spoke about the use of different spices to enhance digestion. I started using spices more consciously in my diet and had increasing success. I realised that it wasn’t about what I ate but more about whether my body could digest and use what I ate, i.e the strength of my digestive capacity. As my ability to absorb nutrients improved, I got a lot clearer about where I was going with my life. I started to implement a tailored system that was geared around optimising my digestion and, gradually, I got new, consistent results and didn’t lapse into the challenges I’d had before.

Fascinated, I started training in Ayurveda, first specifically ayurveda nutrition, to learn tools to help me deal with my chronic digestive problems after years of suffering. The system of Ayurveda considers diet and nutrition to be the most important factor in preventing disease and promoting health.
I still continue to train with and learn from respected Ayurvedic practitioners and doctors and am recognised by the association, ASCA and a professional member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association in the USA (NAMA).
My practice is dedicated to helping you implement the strategies I have used to help others overcome challenges with their health. If you’ve ever have had trouble with digestive or weight issues, fatigue or food intolerance, or other health issues, the knowledge Ayurveda offers can help you handle them. You’ll discover how easy it is to increase your energy, get quality sleep, be more focussed and improve your elimination through appropriate lifestyle & diet advice and support.

If you’re ready to take the first step, sign up for the free report “5 nutritional keys to vitality in your life” (to your right ) to learn more!

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