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Ms. Lina Zalloum

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Achieving health and balance to the body, mind and soul. Health tips. Lifestyle and Diet recommendations. Questions and answers

I have always been generally healthy and full of energy with my biggest issue being a migraine here and there. However, in my late twenties, an incident took place that literally turned my life upside down. I was attending a very big social function where I was enjoying myself and mingling with friends, when suddenly out of the blue I fainted and for no apparent reason. I was rushed to the ER where all kinds of tests were done but the results did not indicate the reason for this incident. Afterwards I was fatigued for a few weeks and had to stay at home due to lack of energy, which is very much against my nature. Although the tests came out normal, I felt anything but normal. After a short while it happened again, and kept happening : I would faint out of the blue and be drained of energy for weeks to come. Gradually,those episodes intensified, both in terms of frequency and how long my “fatigue phase” would last, which resulted in me developing a phobia of going out, as I was always terrified I would faint. I felt crippled and psychologically devastated and began my journey to seek a cure. Doctors did not have any explanation for me, I saw all kinds of specialists and traveled all over trying to find a solution, a medication, any kind of answer that would resolve my health issue but unfortunately no one could offer it to me. All the doctors could come up with was a diagnosis of severe anxiety and offer prescription drugs to take care of it. That did not make sense to me because it was not a solution, it was just an attempt to mask what was going on, not treat it. After 15 years, I decided to take matters into my own hands and help myself.

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