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Ayurveda Professionals Results - Vermont, United States Of America

Adena Rose Bright

Adena Rose Ayurveda and The Women’s School is a resource for students of Ayurveda and herbalism who lack confidence and clinical experience with women’s

Dr Marie-Claude Cantin

Dr. Cantin is a biologist with a Ph.D. in environmental physiology from Stirling University, Scotland and a College teaching certification from Sherbrooke

Richard G. Powell

❍ Ayurvedic consultations for optimal health, healing, energy, and balance ❍ Guided Home Cleanses ❍ Jyotisha / Vedic Astrology consultations for navigating

Marisa Hall

My highest aspiration is to practice what I preach — that I may continue to foster a deep love and connection to these practices so my teachings may

Dr. Claudia Welch.com

Dr. Welch shares what’s new with work (which is a combination of writing, online programs and workshops), and health-related stuff she finds interesting.

Larissa Hall Carlson

Ayurveda, Yoga, & Mindfulness with Larissa Hall Carlson, Manchester, VT USA Ayurveda Consultations Private Yoga Sessions Yoga, Pranayama, & Meditation Coaching

Manchester, Vermont, 05254, United States

Lisa Olson

Lisa is a clinical herbalist, ayurvedic health counselor, yoga instructor, and medicine grower and maker. Always fond of plants, she first studied plant evolution

Ms. Surinda Oberai Cavanagh

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