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Ayurvedic Detoxifying and Rejuvenating Formula Triphala

Ayurvedic Detoxifying and Rejuvenating Formula Triphala

Triphala is one of the oldest and most revered herbal formulas in Ayurveda. It packs many health benefits, and is extremely beneficial for all three dosha constitutions. Triphala literally translates to ‘three fruits’, meaning it combines the health benefits of three nutritional powerhouse fruits such Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki , that are all mainly found in the Indian subcontinent. 

All of the above three fruits have something specific to offer with regards to the optimal wellbeing of our mind and body. 

  • Amalaki is known to have a cooling effect, and thus is effective in managing pitta, boosting the immune system and promoting the natural functioning of the liver.
  • Bibhitaki is known to be especially great for kapha, and thus helps in promoting better functioning of the respiratory system and eliminating excess kapha from the body
  • Haritaki is known for its healing properties, and is great for all three dosha constitutions. It is especially effective in promoting weight loss and removing excess toxins.

Triphala and Modern Science

Although initially skeptical, modern science is quickly warming up to the plethora of benefits Triphala can offer the human body, even making it a primary subject of their studies focusing on finding permanent answers to prominent health issues plaguing mankind today.

Many studies into Triphala, have shown it exhibiting phenomenal abilities in not only supporting the GI tract, but also promoting optimal immunity, and cardiovascular system. It is also shown to promote both healthy lipid and cholesterol levels.

All of the studies conducted on Triphala, point towards it being an efficient ally against a variety of benign and chronic disorders ailing the human body. 

Benefits of Triphala

With respect to what each of these fruits brings to the formula, Triphala can be recommended to tackle a variety of physical, emotional and mental issues affecting the human body and mind. Given below are just a few of its benefits:

Antioxidant powerhouse

Free radicals are usually the primary sources of almost all chronic and benign ailments that can ruin your quality of life. As such, they should be eliminated immediately to experience relief. Triphala being a rich source of antioxidants such as polyphenols can help you accomplish just that. These antioxidants in Triphala can reduce inflammation and oxidative stress from the body. 

Due to its abundance of vitamin C, it can also stimulate the production of white blood cells, and result in their seamless functioning. It can also effectively build antibodies to fight off infections, viruses and pathogens. 

Controlling Diabetes

Recently a study published by the International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicine revealed that Triphala is indeed effective in successful Ayurvedic Treatment of regulating blood sugar levels in the body. This makes Triphala a great ally in the fight against type-2 diabetes. 

The phytochemical available in ample quantity in Bibhitaki can help in promoting insulin secretion from the pancreas. This will eventually help reduce blood sugar levels while also improving insulin resistance. Apart from regulating blood sugar levels, Triphala was also found to regulate cholesterol levels in the body. Simply put, Triphala exhibits great promise in being the frontline herbal aid against type-2 diabetes in the future.

Helps Promote Improved Digestion

Triphala has been usually prescribed as a gentle bowel tonic, thanks to its ability to improve the digestion process. It makes for a great natural laxative. As such, it can help you deal with irritable bowel syndrome, and smoothen your bowel movements for a comfortable early morning toilet experience.

Triphala can also increase the number of good bacteria in your intestines, thus strengthening the digestive tract in the process.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is a serious cause of concern for many around the world today. In fact, it is the leading cause of death in the United States, way surpassing deaths caused by smoking tobacco. Triphala can be the formula you need to tackle your weight gain problems.

Consumption of Triphala can help you lose excess weight naturally, especially around the thighs and abdomen. It does so by promoting healthy digestion and elimination of toxins from the body. The inclusion of ‘Haritaki’ in the formula is primarily responsible for its weight loss benefits. Triphala provides the body with full spectrum of tastes. This effectively helps in curbing cravings, while also promoting healthy eating.

Triphala also keeps the body satisfyingly nourished and well balanced by helping the body absorb and assimilate nutrients.

Boosts Dental Health

Article published by the Indian Journal of Dental Research, claimed that a mouthwash made with Triphala exhibited the same effective benefits as that of any other toothpaste available in the market. Triphala can help eliminate germs from your mouth, thus helping you maintain optimal dental and oral health. Plus, you don’t even have to expose yourself to commercially available toothpaste that come packed with chemicals that can pose dire health consequences in the long run

Improves Hair and Skin Quality

As Triphala boosts digestive health, it can inadvertently make both your hair strong and luscious. It can be extremely beneficial for improving the quality of hair in both males and females. Owing to Triphala’s antifungal and antibacterial health, the formula can also be used as a paste to improve the health of your scalp.

Apart from hair, Triphala if applied topically, in the form of a paste, can also help tackle and heal skin conditions like acne, eczema and premature ageing.

How to Use Triphala in Your Everyday Life

There are a variety of ways in which you can start having Triphala in your daily lives. It is mainly found in health markets in three forms:

Triphala Tablets

Many Ayurvedic Practitioners recommend taking at least two tablets of Triphala tables every day, one before bed and one after rising in the morning. This is especially beneficial for those who don’t have enough time in their schedule, and can simply pop in the tablets to reap the herbal formulas many health benefits.

Triphala Liquid Extract

This can be an alternative to having Triphala tablets. Ayurvedic practitioners recommend taking about 30 drops of Triphala liquid extract in 1-2 ounces of water or juice. The concoction should be taken one to three times daily, according to the recommendation of doctors. The liquid extract can also be used externally to promote skin and hair health.

Triphala Powder

The powdered form of triphala can be taken in combination with water, honey or lemon juice to benefit your body. The powdered formula can also be used as a paste externally to promote skin and hair health. 

Please do talk to an Ayurvedic practitioner before you start taking Triphala 

Note: The information in this article is intended for your educational use only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition and before undertaking any diet, supplement, fitness, or other health programs.

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