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Safed Musli Organic Powder (Chlorophytum /borivilianum, Liliaceae)

Garry N Sun
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Scientific Name: Chlorophytum borivilianum (Liliaceae)

Ayurveda is the oldest healing science that originated in India more than 5,000 years ago. Ayurveda knowledge makes it possible to understand how to balance the body, mind, and consciousness.

Musali Powder comes with the goodness of high-quality Safed Musli in powder form. Musli is one of the rare herbs present in India. The Musli herb promotes energy in the body and increases activity levels. It may help nourish every cell and tissue in the body.

Safed Musali Powder is highly rich in antioxidants and vital minerals that support strength and vitality in the body, especially for males.

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